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Welcome to the homepage of Fresh & Funky!

Fresh & Funky is an Entropia Universe society, headed by Juicy, and currently there are about 50 members.
Apply for membership in-game at a society terminal of your choice.

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Get your own society e-mail address

Did you know that you can have your own society e-mail address to communicate with your fellow society members!

Subscribe to Fresh & Funky Social group on EF

Juicy is asking all social members to please subscibe to the Fresh & Funky social group on Entropia Forum (a.k.a. EF).
To subscribe, log on EF and go into the "User Control Panel", select "Social Groups" under "Networking", and search for Fresh & Funky. Select the Fresh & Funkysocial group, and select "Subscribe to This Group" from the "Group Tools" menu.

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